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A sad/happy message

A sad/happy messageJurting is not an easy thing!

We were very much affected by the news that jurors Ms Kamila Polívká can not attend the International Festival of Theatre Schools SEKTÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER of 2018.
This news has blighted us and we started looking for a substitute ... we found the substitue on behalf of Ms Kristina Žantovská

Kristina Žantovská is a Czech dramaturgist and journalist. She graduated from the Theater Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, specializing in dramaturgy. She has worked with various printed media and television and has worked in several leading Czech theaters, such as the Theater in Vinohrady, the Theater under Palmovka and the Theater Na Zábradlí. Her theatrical adaptation of the British sitcom Certainly, the Minister played seven seasons in the Na Vinohrade Theater and had 240 repercussions. She has worked in Czech Radio for a long time as head of the cultural and publicistic block at the Vltava station and as a director and playwright of new formats. Among others, dramaturgically and overwhelmingly prepared the first introduction of Michel Houellebecq in the Czech Radio, reading the novel Map and Terra, made the first radio Romany musical fairytale with Romany artists and a thirty-minute instructional minidramat series about the reference of Master Jan Hus, sent to the 600th anniversary of his death. Since 2016 he has been freelancer.

We will look forward to a new jurors.

Marek H.


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