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CIRK LA PUTYKAAre you interested in acrobatics? Do you want to know how to make a jerk in a flight when someone pushes you through the door? Do not worry, this workshop will be for you!

  • 21. 4. 14.00
  • DF JAMU 202

The first part of the workshop – “The Beginning of Dance” and “Contemporary Dance” will be lead by Šárka Bočková (also a member of the ensemble 420 People and a lecturer at the Nova Scena of the ND in Prague). The second part – “Basic Principles of Coordination and Balance Techniques in the New Circus, with the Use of Pair Acrobatics” will be led by Jana Smolíková (sports acrobat and lecturer at Cirk La Putyka studio).


The Cirk La Putyka artistic ensemble devotes itself to new circus, striving to blend acrobatics, modern dance, puppet theater, and sports. Every year we participate in festivals around the world and collaborate with different artists and ensembles. We will hear two lecturers from the group. Workshop is led by Šárka Bočková and Jana Smolíková.

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