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The 3rd Press release

The companies from theatre schools from all over the world will arrive with their performances to Brno in a few days. Twelve schools will introduce on the several stages as Divadlo Husa na provázku, HaDivadlo, Divadlo na Orlí and Studio Marta in the period from the 2nd to the 6th of April. The schools from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, Latvia, and the Philippines will visit the festival this year. There will not be missing either the Prague DAMU and our JAMU.

SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER will begin on Tuesday the 2nd of April on Moravian Square, where Open Air Stage will be erected. Besides the Opening ceremony and band performances of the students of JAMU, Slovak singer Katarzia will perform solo there. The next band will be Acute Dose from Brno.

The exhibition of photos from the previous years of the festival SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER is in Kabinet Múz until the 6th of April. The exhibition was started on Monday the 11th of March when the vernissage passed. The student coordinator of festival Mgr. Júlia Pecková, the dean of Theatre faculty of JAMU doc. Mgr. Petr Francán and the Artistic Director of the festival doc. MgA. Michal Zetel, Ph.D. talked there. The first year of the Studio of Musical Acting performed there and the main spot and the ambassador of the festival, Boleslav Polívka, was introduced. The programme of the vernissage was enriched by performing from the Artistic Section (Hana Zahradníčková - festival director, Soňa Mucinová - festival dramaturgist), which is a reflection on the topic of festival SETKÁNÍ Léčí / Regenerate with ENCOUNTER.

The festival SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER presented itself to the general public at a press conference on the 26th of March. The press conference took place in Divadlo na Orlí and the student coordinator of festival, the dean of Theatre faculty of JAMU, the Artistic Director of the festival and the head of section Guests, Jury and Participants, Sylvie Vojtová, talked there under the moderator guidance of Pavel Uhřík, the future student coordinator for the 30th year of festival.
Doc. MgA. Michal Zetel, Ph.D. talked about the first year of the festival in the role of Artistic Director and he also recommended the performances She only came to use the phone from the Academy of Dramatic Art from Zagreb. The dean of Theatre faculty of JAMU doc. Mgr. Petr Francán commented on the festival as a whole, which is made up of performances.

The festival takes place with the support of The International Visegrad Fund, the City of Brno, and the State Fund for Culture. The main media partner is Česká televize.

 Lucie Ošmerová
26th March 2019 Student of DF JAMU

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