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Unconventional marketing campaign

Unconventional marketing campaignGuerilla marketing or guerilla promotion.

The main principle of guerilla marketing or guerilla promotion is quickly appears and quickly disappears. Guerilla marketing has a small budget. Thanks to this, the concept comes not from money but from the idea. The exact definition is therefore an unconventional marketing campaign which purpose is to achieve the maximum effect with a minimum of resources. The use of guerilla marketing is not limited. Most expensive for the whole guerilla campaign is time, idea, creativity, wit, and sometimes a bit of insolence.

Our goal was to use the theme of the International Festival of Theatre Schools SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER 2018 losing ground. It is interpreted as the developing our personality by cutting down people and finding new values in a rapidly changing and developing world. 
In cooperation with the art section of the festival were created four artworks. The base is an old appliance (fridge, cooker or washing machine) which we wanted to breathe new life through the living flora.
You can see these artworks at festival theatres during the International Festival of Theatre Schools SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER 2018.


Marek H.


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