Off-programme performances

In the Solitude    

3. 4. / DnO, 5th floor rehearsal room / 21.30 - 22. 30, 50 min.


Authors: Bernard Marie Koltés / Martin Hodoň

Directed by: Martin Hodoň

Cast: Mark Kristián  Hochman, František Maňák

"In the Solitude" is a director's variation on Bernard-Marie Koltés play "In the Solitude of Cotton Fields." The director reinterprets this philosophical play and its author’s desire to discuss - through a personal prism - themes such as alienation, joy, relationships, contact, and conformity.


This is not your Karenina    

4. 4. / DF JAMU 013 / 11.00 - 12.00 / 45 min.

Directed by: Daniela Samsonová, Alexandr Minajev

Cast: Hana Drozdová

“Trains are such a convention…” The typical appropriation of characters from the literary canon always ends up looking at their story as a fait accompli. Let’s go down an untraditional path and reconstruct Anna Karenina’s personal story on the basis of nothing more than this question: “Guilty or not guilty?”

It is not possible to imagine this figure in the full breadth of Tolstoy’s 917 pages. We will use only the information given to us by the defendant herself. Whether she meets her traditional destiny depends on your decision. It does not matter whether she really jumps under the train. It depends only on your final verdict.


Life Sentence - The Worst Will Stay    

4. 4. / DF JAMU 013  / 17.00 - 18.10, 70 min.

Author, Assistant Director: Radka Kulichová

Directed by: Marcel Krištofovič

Cast: Daniela Vacková, Šárka Šildová, Petra Gluchová, Marcel Krištofovič, Radka Kulichová

A theatre experiment in Czech sign language. Four monologues, four women accused of the most violent crime. Intimate confessions in pre-trial detention become a public display, a reality show where guilt or innocence is no longer a matter of facts, but of sympathy. An interactive concept where the ending is decided by the audience. It was put together as a collaboration between deaf and hearing artists. The performance is simultaneously interpreted into Czech spoken language.


The Nights of Giulietta    

5. 4. / DnO, 6th floor rehearsal room / 18.00 - 19.00, 45 min.

Directed by:  Kamila Konývková Kostřicová

Cast: Lucie Hrochová

"It is such a long-term relationship, sometimes I get the feeling it existed even before we met". Federico Fellini

A solo devised multimedia project, inspired by Giulietta Masina, the Italian actress, and wife of the famous movie director.


5. 4. / Studio Marta / 14.00 - 15.00, 60 min

Performer: Daniel Kvašňovský

Supervise: Pierre Nadaud

Coach: Stéphanie N'Duhirahe

Dramaturgie: Karolina Ondrová

“Many forces have caused people to deal with the wide, tempting danger of the air. Breaking away from land means breaking your bonds. Master your own fascination with height so it does not lead to destruction. Looking to the future ... To what extent is it safe? And can it even be safe at all? Which bonds to break? What to sacrifice a mirage, vision?

The project focuses on linking theater and aerial acrobatics, which is still an unexplored area within the circus genre at JAMU.”


De Profundis     

6. 4. / DNO / 16.00 - 16.30 / 30 min.

Music: Frederic Rzewski

Cast: Sára Medková

The well-known American composer Frederic Rzewski (*1938) wrote De Profundis for a speaking pianist in 1992, reflecting his long-time penchant for Oscar Wilde’s writing. Wilde wrote De Profundis in the first third of 1897, during his imprisonment at Reading Gaol in Berkshire, in which he had been sentenced to spend two years for “gross indecency”. Actually a “love letter” to his partner Lord Alfred Douglas, it is concurrently the remarkable statement of an artist who, in a desperate situation, declares his attitude and relation to art. Sára Medková has performed Rzewski’s De Profundis on stages in Europe, China, and the USA in a special way – with a simultaneously-playing video created by the Czech artist and computer games designer Lukáš Medek.

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