The First Bashavel

2. 4. / 21.00 / ArtBar 
Increased heartbeat, sweat, and endorphins. Get ready for a good dance fever.

The first evening of the festival will be celebrated with energetic afrobeat, gypsy dance hits, and lively world music. DJ Gadjo.cz, with the saxophone player El Checo, will play for your dancing. The therapeutic effects of dancing while you wait. We look forward to seeing you at ArtBar after the program on Open Air Stage!

Sweet re-leaf

3. 4. / 21.00 / VIBE Club 
Get ready for a wave of mighty energy, ironing out the fatigue from the first festival day. The most prominent representatives of the thriving Slovak scene, and many people on stage are the greatest hope of the independent scene. Their fragmented, dark songs and heavy beats will accompany each and every kiss. We are talking about none other than the pair of Ink Midget and Pjoni, who has been with the VIBE club a long time now. Do not stop until you drop.

MEETING POINT PARTY - Dance Equals Regenerate 

4. 4. / 21.00 / Ponrepo
You can experience the biggest festival meeting in the renovated Ponrepo club. As always, the Meeting Point Party will take place in the middle of the festival week. Dance Equals Regenerate means that there will be no deep talk at the party, but a good curative cure will be served as a vigorous program. The Meeting Point Party will start with a band composed of students from the 4th year of acting on JAMU (Sto Roku Dyzharmonie), followed by Circus Problem (in the rhythms of Balkan-Bashavel) and at the conclusion, by DJ Michał Weiser. You will experience a whole new area of the Ponrepo club, lively music, wonderful meetings and quality treatment in one night.

Therapy of reiki shooting

5. 4. / 21.00 / Skleněná louka

The last but one night comes with something you probably have never seen before, and we’re quite sure that you have never heard either. From ambiance to noise. You’ll be deeply touched by the kind and tender bits, and then torn apart by those percussive spaces. You’ll go into a trance and then fall unconscious. Without any words. It’s raw and sincere, it’s melodic, truly beautiful and heart-melting. Noir voir doesn’t need any words. Contrariwise, for Diesel diesel max words aren’t enough, they don’t even exist, because this craziness is practically impossible to describe. Not classified. High/low NRG impro syntechno. Autistic spectrum lvl wedding band. Recent research shows that 90 % of people want something different, but boys just wanna have fun, so wait for a second and let them show you what they are capable of. Their last tone signals the disintegration of this bizarre triangle, then along comes 1/3 of DDM aka DJ Kurzola. Get ready for 80’s kitsch. Italo disco, obscure electronic, hi-nrg. It’s a lot of stuff, but you have almost all night for exploring. So come and see, we’re gonna fit it all in somehow.

The Last Aid

6. 4. / 21.00 / Theatre Goose On The String
The last night and the last chance to encounter everyone you met or did not meet at the festival. You cannot miss the final party. So we meet on Saturday, at the Theatre Goose on the String. The beginning of the end will take place in the form of a ceremony where we will see the result of the creative work that took place during the five days of the festival at the WORKSHOP ⎸SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER. Energy therapy will be started by Golden Delicious, and the end of the healing stay will be taken care of by our School Kids DJs.

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