Nely H. Kornetová - The Body Of Many Voices

3. 4. 2019 / 10.00 - 13.00 / Astorka

The aim of this workshop is to work with the body and voice organically, based on real sensations. The voice as a starting point for the movement, and movement and touch as a starting point for the voice. The workshop aims to warm up participants flesh & bones, voice, and bodily consciousness. We will investigate how to use the body and vocal organs effortlessly, and how to intensify awareness of one's own body and voice in relation to others and space. To attend this workshop means to relate and react to the impulses, your space, and your current condition. I working with techniques such as voice message, humming into the bones, radical manipulation of the body (and its parts), all followed by focused improvisation based on imagination and recreation of given impulses. I am currently interested in the re-enactment of the impossible as a starting point for physical and vocal improvisation. How can the participant solve the problem of the absence of their partner or group, and still recreate the position and voice that they found themselves in naturally when working with their partners? We will play with contrasting qualities and apply different mental and physical conditions, frames, and rules as possible ways of exploring and creating instant compositions of movement and vocal material. We will work with focus and time in order to deepen and expand the work. The body is looked upon as the ultimate instrument in the orchestra.

This workshop is for performers, dancers, actors, or people who dare to work intensively with their body & voice.


Nela H.Kornetova is an independent performer, creator and director living in Norway. After graduating from The Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (CZ, 2010) and the Norwegian Theater Academy (NO, 2013), she received the prestigious DanceWEB 2014 Scholarship (Impulstanz, Vienna). Nela H. Kornetova focuses on topics and emotions that the viewer can directly relate to. She is also the artistic leader of T.I.T.S., who work in non-hierarchical teams and together create atmospheric visual performances. T.I.T.S. explore the possibilities of hybrid theatrical forms at the border of choreography and play, sound, image, and body. TITS has performed "Force Beauty" (2016) and physical concert / operetta: "Mine" (Tributes): Black Box Specific Performance "Trumpets in the Sky" (2017), audiences in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the audio-visual physical performance "Cult of Busy" (2018).

 Irina Andreeva - BODYMIND GAME

4. 4. 2019 / 14.00 - 16.30 / Astorka

A workshop of Physical Theatre, during which we develop the hidden possibilities of linking imagination and physical movement, using the human ability to create a mental image and  influence the way the body exists. And vice versa - practicing physical exercises which affect our state of mind. What do we want to get? To get the body crawling and flexibility of consciousness. Example of the topics we will deal with:

BODY ----

Ways of breathing and emotion

Motion and energy

Position / hold / body and mental state


Following code movement

Trained attention, external and internal

Working with rhythm and music

Working with space - scenic composition.


Irina studied theater direction in Chelyabinsk, then moved to St. Petersburg, where she began working with the DO-THEATER theater group. She then founded the physical theater group Teatr Novogo Fronta. Their work is based on experiments in the field between the actor's body and the space in which he moves. Their first production, Vremja Durak (1994), was performed throughout Europe. The group eventually settled in Prague. Irina Andreeva then began to teach around the world - dealing with inner movement, emotion, memory, and their external manifestations. Since 2002 she has worked regularly with Berlin's Die Etage Theater School. She performs with Theater Novogo Fronta, but also works with other theaters and groups in the Czech Republic and abroad.

 Wanna Try Folklore?

3. 4. 2019 / 13.00 - 15.00 / DF JAMU 202

Folklore, dance, tradition - does it mean anything to you? Would you like to learn more? At this year's International Festival of Theater Schools SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER there will be a dance workshop of traditional folk dance from the regions of Moravia, Bohemia and a bit from our brothers from Slovakia! Sign up for the "Wanna Try Folklore!" The workshop is designed for Earth people of all ages, genders, and social status. The only condition is to bring sportswear and dance shoes (jazz shoes, dance shoes, cloth shoes, inadequate shoes with heels, beautiful flooring in the hall!) At the workshop we will try to dance, not just solo but also in pairs. It is an advantage to sign up in pairs, but this is not a prerequisite!


Dance, as we know, has healed the soul for centuries and heals today. Our ancestors knew this well. After hard work, they had fun together, creating the basis of folk culture and folk dances. A vast number of regional dance styles, individual dancing elements, and beautiful folk costumes still give us a chance to learn about folk culture today. Sign up to the energetic but also the educational workshop of folk dances, mainly from Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia. Dancers and dancers from the Brno ensemble Ondráš are looking forward to seeing you in their free time.


4. 4. 2019 / 17.00 - 20.00 / Astorka

Get into the rhythm (rhythm, African drums, body music, show ...)

With the help of African djembe drums, we can slip into the mysteries of the traditional rhythms of West Africa, learn to perceive the rhythm of the whole body, and dig into the SETKÁNÍ / ENCOUNTER festival!


Jiří Bouda

A music instructor and player on a range of melodic and percussion instruments. Since 2001 he has been actively performing in various musical groups and projects. An expert on the African harp,  koru, djembe and balafon, he learned from masters in West African Guinea and then in England, France, and Spain. His teachers of rhythm and melody include Epina Bagoura, Djakali Kone, Famadou Konate, MohamedBangoura, AdamDougtas, and others. He is currently composing music, teaching children and adults, and playing concerts throughout the Czech Republic. He performs with the Ritmo Factory, the Korajunglejazz group, the body percussion group Bd beat, and is involved in a number of Denbaya music projects.

 J O G A R E C O V E R Y/ JOGAVERY workshop

6. 4. 2019 / 15.00 - 16.30 / DF JAMU 202

SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER 2019 is coming to an end! But don’t despair! Come for the last workshop to gain new strength and to caress your mind, your heart and your body.

Climb your yogamatok on under the guidance of Christina Smutna.

English & amp; beginner friendly!

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