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Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno

Phaedra´s Love

What does the word love mean? Does the rational preclude our animal instincts? Diffusion. What happens if, one day, Phaedra wants to get closer to her step-son Hippolytus? Can the characters overcome the structures within which they live their isolated lives?

    Animalism. What is the difference between the human and the animal? Where is the imaginary border between human and animal? Is there any such border at all? And what about free will, which throws us into a zone of choice, where we can be non-conformist and awakens in us a fear which, out of nowhere, passes from the latent phase into the active? What exactly wakes up our animal instincts?

    Phaedra’s Love was written by the British playwright Sarah Kane, the key proponent of cool drama. Kane wrote Phaedra’s Love on motives from Seneca's Roman tragedy Phaedra.

2. 4. / 20:00
Studio Marta

60 min.
Author: Sarah Kane
Directed by: Alexandra Bolfová
Language: Czech

The Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts was established in 1947. The school consists of two faculties — the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Theatre. The original programmes of study in dramatic theatre and directing have been supplemented by Stage Design, Theatre Dramaturgy, Musical Theatre, drama in education, Audiovisual Production, Theatre Management, Clown Stage and Film Production, Stage Technology, Drama Education for the Deaf and Radio and TV script editing and scriptwriting. A large number of talented students also develop their skills and perform publicly in the Marta Studio and Orlí Street Theatre. 

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