The festival takes place annually on the verge of March and April and lasts 5 days. The 27th edition will be held from the 28th of March to the 1st of April 2017. The audience can visit about 14 performances in the main programme in four theatre venues in Brno (The Goose on a String Theatre, HaTheatre, Orli Street Theatre and Theatre Studio Marta). There are 12 to 15 students' companies from all around the world in the main programme every year. Alongside the main programme, there are many off-programme activities like performances from JAMU, workshops, lectures (in Czech and also in English), discussions or evening after parties.

 The festival has changed a lot during the 26 years of his existence. The most significant change has been the transformation from the competitive festival to the non-competitive. This change has more supported the main idea of the festival: to create the platform for meeting, inspiration, and discussion between theatre students, performers and artists. 

Even though the festival is non-competitive, the most inspiring achievements are awarded with the Marta prize. Each year, a professional and a student jury were awarding the achievements. However, in 2017, the juries were united in one festival Jury, consisting of both, students and theatre professionals from various countries.

In the past years, members of the professional jury were for example Eduardo Rovner (director and dramaturge from Argentina), Sylvia Huszár (a Hungarian theatrologist), Fréderic Poty (the artist director of the French festival Les Zygomatiques), british directors Paul Bourne and Robert Witts and many other personalities from the theatre world.

The student jury that had been a part of the festival in the 90' was re-established in 2014, satisfying the need for peer to peer assessment and review. The discussions between the student jury and festival participants are really important for both parts and they also bring interesting moments. The student part of the Jury can honour the most inspiring achievements with the SWAG of SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER. Besides that, the Executive Director of the festival gives out one special award, the Award of the Festival Director.

The festival is also evolving thanks to the networking with the ELLIA (The European League of Institutes of the Arts) and the ENCATC (the European Network on Cultural Administration Training Centres), which are annually publishing articles about the festival in their newsletters and on their websites. The festival received the prestige label EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe in 2015. This label is given to festivals with an artistic commitment, involved in their local communities, and in European and global outlook as well. National experts assess their country’s applications and see if they meet the three criteria. An international jury will also give awards to the most adventurous and exciting festivals.