17. 4. / 21.00 / Skleněná louka  Kounicova 23

The floors at “Glass Meadow” are filled with various off programme activities. The party is a mashup of acoustic and electric music with alternative fine art from different parts of Brno.

  • Ground Floor: Live ART performance, street music
  • First Floor: Bastl Instruments Sound Kitchen - Prozac (live electronic set)
  • Second Floor: Wooden Rat - sale of wooden jewelry, street music
  • Third Floor: music by Fofrklacek, Diana Lazareva



18. 4. / 21.00 / Kavárna Trojka  Dominikánská 9

The second festival party will be to the rhythm of techno. The DJ’s Džony and Identita Katarz (EAC) will show us their great musical skills. Do you want to experience a JAMU rave? Come and join us in the café Trojka and let the party begin!


Meeting Point Party

19. 4. / 22.00 / ArtBar Druhý Pád  Štefánikova 1

In the middle of the festival week lies the traditional Meeting Point Party, which takes place in the artist-friendly Artbar. You can look forward to bands such as Franc Alpa, Golden Delicious and - of course - many interesting encounters!


SINfonietta / In Da Haus

20. 4. / 21.00 / DF JAMU  Mozartova 1








SINfonietta will let you feel the atmosphere of the faculty after midnight. Enjoy a different point of view of our school. Music, theatre, dancing, and of course… ENCOUNTER. Janáček is looking forward to meeting you!



21. 4. / 21.00 / Husa na provázku  Zelný trh 9

The final night of the festival, to the beat of electro music that will take you to another universe. You are going to have a lot of fun in this universe. First, the band Envlps is going to bring you the waves of the evening, and then hand the stage over to 1flfsoap with their gruesome and energetic performance style. For fun after midnight, Help Dj!

Team #ENC18