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The SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER festival is of a non-competitive nature, but several awards are presented. Three types of awards can be given to specific students for outstanding artistic performance. These are the MARTA awards, the Student Jury Prize and the Director of the SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER Festival Award. The awards do not serve to create a ranking of individual productions from the main program of the festival, but they highlight the inspirational and inventive artistic achievements of young theatre artists.

The MARTA award is associated with a specific artistic performance, ie as an expression of appreciation for the extraordinary artistic achievements of students participating in the productions of the main program of the show.

The student jury prize is awarded for the original use of staging means, originality and distinctive generation testimony.

Award of the Director of the SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER Festival The Director of the Festival has the right, also, to award at his discretion the award named the Director of the SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER Festival. The festival director’s opinion is independent of the jury’s opinion. The festival director is not obliged to award the prize.