DISCUSSION V4 | Are We Safe and Do We Want to Be?

Words like safety, safe space or inclusivity are constantly zipping around us. Especially in the region of the so-called Visegrad countries, they are almost buzzwords now. The problems that caused such a frequent use of these terms are many. To begin locally – students are standing up to harassment and abuse of power at Czech (art) universities. Internationally – and outside of the school system – there was the assault on two LGBTQ+ people at the Bratislava club Tepláreň (SK), the restriction of women and queer rights in Poland and Hungary and, of course, the Russian invasion of Ukraine which affects us all. 

So, what does it mean to be safe? Do we cross country and genre boundaries but reinforce personal ones? 

Could we be safe and still make great, inspired art? In other words, do we even want to be safe? 

And what has artistic freedom and responsibility to do with all this? 

31/03/2023 | 16:00-18:00 | DF JAMU | Room 202   

Come and discuss these topics with selected artists participating in this year’s edition of SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER.