ENC: OFF Performances


1/04/2023 | 11:15-12:00 | DF JAMU | Room 013

They’re fragile. You have to listen to them. Otherwise, you can’t really know them, it’s something on the borderline, and you can never be sure they’ll be around forever. You can only see inside them if you destroy them and there’s no going back. Really, no. It’s a half-life. Something between a desire for knowledge and an omelette. The end is likely. Ad infinitum etc. An original monodrama based on the theme of obsession. What is its natural measure? Love, the need to care, accumulation and materialism, the desire for touch, recurring thought, and physical action as obsessive principles laid on the border of (dis)comfort. 

Directed by Justina Grecová
Performance: Viktória Anna Lesayová
Photo: Hana Ptáčková
Light, sound: Monika Lapáčková
Production: Lucie Blechová


1/04/2023 | 12:15-13:15 | DF JAMU | Room 302

The nervousness of an audition, the uncompromising film environment. Hollywood, drugs, sex and rock & roll…PRODUCT is a new blockbuster that brings together the evergreens of American cinematography.  A theatrical project of an immersive nature, in which the viewer has the opportunity to model the situations together with the actor. Together we create a script, a film, and a product. Be brave, be your favourite actress, and be a star. 

“Let’s make a movie together, shall we?” 

Authors: Petr Akimov, Tomáš Weber
Production: Anna Zelíková
Technical support: Bohdana Sýkorová


1/04/2023 | 14:00-14:45 | DF JAMU | Room 401

The possibilities of authorial expression through play, personification and stylized acting, drawing from the tradition of Commedia del Arte and buffoonery. 

Personas. Landscapes where imagination comes alive and possibility becomes reality. 

Author: Prokop Štěpánek
Supervision: Michal Chovanec
Costumes: Kristina Komárková
Light, sound: Ondřej Kostečka
Photo: Jan Šmach
Production: Lucie Blechová