Party ENC 2021


As a reaction to the classic form of the SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER’s off-program, the organisational team has prepared a block called ENC: PARTY. The first thing you can look forward to at ENC: PARTY are pre-recorded audiovisual shows of some young local bands, offering a multigenre taste of the current underground scene. The shows were recorded as a cooperation of the production and technology programs of our Faculty and they are solely a student work.


Obligatne is a brand new group centred around Slovak singer Kristína Mindová. The jazz-pop rhythm section creates an environment where Kristína´s playful, tender lyrics can thrive. Musical wise, you could compare Obligatne to the likes of Alfa Mist or the Czech band Nerez, while the lyrical components resemble deeply personal experiences of Courtney Barnett or Father John Misty. Their first performance can be seen in the Off-program section of the festival SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER, so you should definitely not miss it.


Lowmoe is an audiovisual project consisting of a producer Štěpán Kopečný and VJane Nela Bártová. An uncompromising stream of energy oscillating between electronica and melodic techno with hallucinogenic visuals. Pulsing echoes of synthesizers emerging from the reverbal depths meet gently raving beats. Both colourful and dark. Both abstract and micro-narrative. Dance rhythms for introverts. Show with live instruments and projections.


The Brno [CZ] noise-rock three-piece sinks are characterized by a raw, straightforward musical approach and unforgettably energetic live performances. The band’s music calls back on the roots of British post-punk as well as contemporary noise and punk acts. Their frequent, dedicated performance schedule has left Vendula Pukyšová, Peter Štímel and Antonín Mika unapologetically carved into the subconscious of countless independent music listeners.


Laokoon is a duo violating perhaps all known electronic music conventions. Surreal lyrics and uncompromising rhythm changing constantly to create a psychedelic atmosphere that can perhaps be only compared to religious ceremony or ritual. Their production cannot be generalised as rap, a rank from which the duo rarely fancy anything. They create a brand new music form, corresponding perfectly with their absurd surreal lyrics. Energy, autotune and verbal violence with no vulgarity!


Because every festival night has to end with a party, we’ve decided to bring the club afterparty experience to your rooms.
5 live streams, 5 local DJs and lots of quality hype, vibrant, electro music will make the program more enjoyable for all spectators who are willing to have their own party at home.
Be sure to stay tuned!