OFF program performances are projects of students of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts presented at the SETKÁNÍ / ENCOUNTER festival.
The performances complete the main program and give an opportunity to see the work of our students.

Admission to these shows is FREE, but it is necessary to book a ticket to the Info Center or GoOut network.

Photo: Paulína Ščepková


An original monodrama inspired by life of Zdena Werichova, wife of the famous Czech comedian and actor Jan Werich. A monodrama about a woman who dedicated her whole life to taking care of the household chores and Werich’s wellbeing. How does it look like if a woman decides to spend her life in the shadow of her husband?

Self-sacrifice, self-definition, self-knowledge. Self-destruction. WER ICH?

Author: Denisa Cupáková, Alexandra Bolfová

Director: Alexandra Bolfová

Scenography: Karolína Srpková 

Production: Jana Mlatečková

Technology: Jan Smutný

Cast: Denisa Cupáková

The Fantastic Objectology

„The Fantastic Objectology“ is the first play of the first year students of the Oxana Smilkova’s class.  It is a play-childhood; the main character is a child, naive, clean, hidden to the depth of our heart – it is very fragile. 

What is the play about? It is about the fact that childhood makes us human and makes a talent to think, feel, create. 

Actor-Child perceives the world differently, it is absolutely clear to him that everything around is alive as he is – this is why it desires for happiness, freedom. We are all Humans!

And then we will not be surprised that Hen and Goat will be happy to get a common body, Ostrich and Tick will accept their differences, Cat and Agama will come up with the theory of evolution, Monkey will discover Picasso in Boa, Washing machine experience a real catharsis when washing laundry, Corkscrew opens the whole world in a bottle of vine, and Pidgeon becomes a composer…

Stay fifty minutes in a childhood of actor and you may understand why you should not eat an Octopus… And why is Pushkin right when claims that „genius and crime are two incompatible things“.

Author:  Oxana Smilková 

Cast: Matouš Benda, Jakub Bříza, Stanislav Čaban, Nikola Moravčíková, Lucie Netopilová, Markéta Richterová, Kanwar Šulc, Martina Tomanová, Zuzana Valešová, Tomáš Weber

Valerie and Wonderland weekend

Valerie and Wonderland weekend is an adaptation of the surrealistic novel Valerie and Wonderland week (Valérie a týden divů) by Vítězslav Nezval. The play combines gothic novel, decadence and horror. The story of seventeen-year-old Valerie takes place on the one fateful weekend. On Saturday morning a pilgrimage arrives in a village where Valerie and her grandmother lives in an old house. The pilgrimage breaks the stereotypical lives of both women and brings them a strange guest whose visit becomes fatal to Valeria and her grandmother. Did little Valerie live in the illusion of her childhood, or is the adult world created from the illusions of unspoken secrets?


Director: Petr Smyczek,

Dramaturgy: Eva Kolomazníková

Scenography: Adéla Szturcová

Technology: Jakub Julínek, Jan Smutný

Production: Lucie Ošmerová

Cast: Veronika Špačková, Jakub Zelinka, Zuzana Škopová, Šimon Obdržálek


How can an invulnerable youth become a man?

What should be liquidated?

Truth or dream?

Is vulnerability an advantage?

Life itself is an extremely risky matter. 

Director: Ondřej Jiráček 

Dramaturgy: Soňa Mucinová 

Cast: Daniel Gajdoš