A special THE WORKSHOP with Radim Vizváry will be held throughout the SETKÁNÍ / ENCOUNTER 2020 festival. It is a five-day movement-oriented workshop for students of our Visegrad Grant Partners, whose final output will be presented at the Closing Ceremony.
The aim of THE WORKSHOP is to deepen the meaning of the festival as such, to create a platform for meetings and collaborative creation right in the heart of the festival. Each day of the festival, a group of students who are just getting to know each other meet a professional instructor who will lead them to the final output within five days. Finally, the students are enriched with valuable advice and experience given by the lecturer and viewers can see what is and cannot be created in a few days. THE WORKSHOP is another way of linking to the theme of the TASTE THE TIME festival.
Radim Vizváry is a mime, author, director, choreographer and educator. He is one of the most prominent internationally recognized personalities of contemporary mimic theatre in Europe. He graduated from the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and was awarded the Thalia Award 2016 in the category Ballet, Mime or another dance-dramatic genre for acting performance in the performance Solo.

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