HaDivadlo is a theatre scene based in Brno. The theatre was founded in Prostejov in the mid-1970s. From the very beginning, it has profiled itself as a scene of distinct authorial poetics, demanding dramaturgy and strong creative personalities. This character was given to the theatre by director Svatopluk Vála, in cooperation with dramaturg Josef Kovalčuk, with whom, after Vál’s departure, the poetics of the theatre were developed by another prominent director, Arnošt Goldflam. Originally the Haná Theatre was transformed into HaDivadlo Theatre and in the mid-1980s it moved to Brno, where it became a part of the Center of Experimental Theater (CED), together with the Husa na provázku Theatre.

Photo: Jakub Holas

Divadlo Husa na provázku

Divadlo Husa na provázku is one of the leading Czech theatre scenes. The Husa na provázku Theatre is located in Brno on Zelný trh. The long-term artistic director was Vladimír Morávek (2005–2017), who was replaced by Anna Davidová in 2019. The ensemble has been operating since 1967, when a group of students from JAMU under the leadership of Bořivoj Srba began experimenting with theatre forms. Since 1968 the ensemble has been operating under the auspices of the Brno House of Arts.
The poetics of this theatre – movement are characterized by the emphasis on developing the unique heritage of the so-called irregular dramaturgy, the power of imagination and shared corporeality. In its work, it builds on freedom of expression, the openness of dialogue and pluralism of views, and through its productions, it strives for the long-term spread of these values ​​and the cultivation of Central European civil society.

Studio Marta

Studio Marta is a theatre scene of DF JAMU, in which students of studios of the JAMU Theatre Faculty work as members of production teams or as graduate students. The theatre studio was built here by students and pedagogical schools and began operating in 1952, five years after the formal formation of the JAMU team. In 1990–1991 Studio Marta underwent a reconstruction designed by ing. Jan Konečný. It is based on the concept of a variable theatre workshop with variable space.

The main pillar of the theatre season is the graduate projects of the 4th year. The international festival of theatre schools SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER is an unmistakable event of the season.

Divadlo na Orlí

Divadlo na Orlí is a new theatre stage of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno since 2012. It offers a varied scene of young art to cultural Brno and contributes to the present architectural form of the city by the development of the World War II vacant space.

The mission of Divadlo na Orlí is to provide space for teaching students of the Music and Theatre Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, especially in the field of musical and dramatic theatre, especially opera and musical – but of course all other musical and dramatic genres. At the Orlí Theatre, a highly equipped workplace in the field of machine, sound and light stage technologies was created, enabling students to prepare for a professional career in an environment corresponding to current world trends. There are graduates from all artistic, managerial and technological fields of study. Teaching is realized mainly in the form of artistic creation at the beginning of graduation performances, but the local activities are also represented by several other projects that fulfil the mission of this school workplace of JAMU. In addition to the use of school activities, individual theatre spaces can be rented for commercial purposes